Course Grade (ref_course_grade)

Option set values
Code Definition
A The A letter grade.
A+ The A+ letter grade.
A- The A- letter grade.
AUS Audited the course and was successful
AUU Audited the course and was not successful
B The B letter grade.
B+ The B+ letter grade.
B- The B- letter grade.
C The C letter grade.
C+ The C+ letter grade.
C- The C- letter grade.
D The D letter grade.
D+ The D+ letter grade.
D- The D- letter grade.
F The F letter grade.
FAD Failed due to academic dishonesty
FN The student stopped attending the course.
FNN The student never attended the course.
H Honors
H- Near honors
I Received an incomplete or did not complete the course.
IAD Received an incomplete or did not complete the course due to academic dishonesty.
NG No grade reported
NGC Non-gradable component. The course section associated with this grade is a component of a parent course (e.g., recitation, lab). The component is not graded but the parent course is graded.
NoData No data provided, either because the student did not provide, the Institution does not collect it, or the Institution chooses not to provide it.
Numerical Only a numerical score was awarded for the course.
Other An other grade was given.
P Passed the course.
R The student retook the course and this grade does not count towards student’s GPA. The retaken course's grade counts toward the GPA.
S Statisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
W The student withdrew from the Course section without a grade