Course Section Delivery Mode (ref_course_section_delivery_mode)

Option set values
Code Definition
AudioVideo Course is taught via remote interactive receiver or via streaming media technologies
BlendedLearning Course uses a blended learning model that includes face-to-face and online components
Broadcast Course is taught via live or taped broadcast over open air, closed circuit, or cable television systems
Correspondence Course is taught via hard or electronic copy or other media (CD, DVD, video cassette) and student works at own pace usually without an instructor present, but generally under supervision of LEA. Includes "packet" programs
EarlyCollege Course is taught by institution of higher education, but does NOT qualify as concurrent enrollment
FaceToFace Course is taught primarily in person and usually in a conventional classroom or lecture hall
IndependentStudy Structured learning experience is recognized for credit bt is not under supervision of the LEA
NoData No data provided, either because the student did not provide, the Institution does not collect it, or the Institution chooses not to provide it.
Online Course is taught through a website, web application, or app on an internet-connected device