Ncaa Sports (ref_ncaa_sports)

Option set values
Code Definition
BaseballMen NCAA Men's baseball
BasketballMen NCAA Men's basketball
BasketballWomen NCAA Women's basketball.
BeachVolleyballWomen NCAA Women's beach volleyball
BowlingWomen NCAA Women's bowling
CrossCountryMen NCAA Men's cross country
CrossCountryWomen NCAA Women's cross country
DivingMen NCAA Men's diving
DivingWomen NCAA Women's diving
FencingCoed NCAA Coed fencing
FieldHockeyWomen NCAA Women's field hocky
FootballMen NCAA Men's football
GolfMen NCAA Men's golf
GolfWomen NCAA Women's golf
GymnasticsMen NCAA Men's gymnastics
GymnasticsWomen NCAA Women's gymnastics
IceHockeyMen NCAA Men's ice hockey
IceHockeyWomen NCAA Women's ice hockey
LacrosseMen NCAA Men's lacrosse
LacrosseWomen NCAA Women's lacrosse
NoData No data provided, either because the student did not provide, the Institution does not collect it, or the Institution chooses not to provide it.
Other Other NCAA sport.
RifleCoed NCAA Coed rifle
RowingWomen NCAA Women's rowing
SkiingCoed NCAA Coed skiing
SoccerMen NCAA Men's soccer
SoccerWomen NCAA Women's soccer
SoftballWomen NCAA Women's softball
SwimmingMen NCAA Men's swimming
SwimmingWomen NCAA Women's swimming
TennisMen NCAA Men's tennis
TennisWomen NCAA Women's tennis
TrackAndFieldMen NCAA Men's track and field
TrackAndFieldWomen NCAA Women's track and field
VolleyballMen NCAA Men's volleyball
VolleyballWomen NCAA Women's volleyball
WaterPoloMen NCAA Men's water polo
WaterPoloWomen NCAA Women's water polo
WrestlingMen NCAA Men's wrestling