Standardized Test (ref_standardized_test)

Option set values
Code Definition
ACT The American College Testing exam.
DAT The Dental Admission Test exam.
GED The General Education Development exam.
GMAT The Graduate Management Admissions Test.
GRE The Graduate Records Examination.
IELTS The International English Language Testing System exam.
LSAT The Law School Admissions Test.
MCAT The Medical College Admissions Test.
NoData No data provided, either because the student did not provide, the Institution does not collect it, or the Institution chooses not to provide it.
PRAXIS The Praxis 1 / Praxies CASE test.
SAT The Standardized Aptitutde Test exam.
SATSubjectTest The Standardized Aptitutde Test exam subject tests.
TOEFL The Test of English as a Foreign Language.