Workflow State (ref_workflow_state)

Option set values
Code Definition
Accepted Accepted
Active Active
Available Available
Broken Broken
Claimed Claimed
Completed Completed
Created Created
CreationPending Creation is pending
Deleted Deleted
Errored Errored
Graded Graded
Hidden Hidden
Inactive Inactive
Invited Invited
Locked Locked
NoData No data provided, either because the student did not provide, the Institution does not collect it, or the Institution chooses not to provide it.
PendingReview Typically means that a completed learner activity or assessment has been completed by the student but not yet scored, graded, or reviewed.
PostDelayed Post is delayed
Preregistered Pre-registered
Preview Preview
Published Published
Registered Registered
Rejected Rejected
Requested Requested
SettingsOnly SettingsOnly
Started Started
Submitted Submitted
Unconfirmed Unconfirmed
Unlocked Unlocked
Unpublished Unpublished
Unsubmitted Unsubmitted
Untaken Typically means that an activity or assessment has been started but none of it is yet completed.